Cyclone design industrial Vacuum Cleaner


Products Specification


 Model  HTG-55L
 Power  5.5KW
 Weight  280KG
 Vacuum Connector  3inch
 Voltage  220V/380V 3P
 Water Lift  30Kpa
 Air Flow Rate  600m³/h



Products Advantage

1. Material of the filter is imported from Japan.

Patented filter design that won’t trap the dirt on the filter and allow the air passing through to release the clean air.   

2. Patented turbe cyclone design to increase the air pressure.

1) Cyclone turbe sheel structure decrease the air pressure and drops the dust inertial . 

2)Inner surface of the tank is round and smooth, providing a unobstructed road for the dust.

3)The dust dropping tank is arc-shaped and provides a wider road for the dust so that more dust will drop to the the first filtration bags.

4)Without angles obstruction in a smooth arc-shaped tank, the vacuum can save 60% of the energy and increase 50% of  the working efficiency, 30% of the dust clearing efficiency, and reduce 30% of the noise.

3. Low noise dba design.

Patented noise reducing design to keep the noise between 60-70dba.

4. With lifting fuction

5. Longopac dust collecting system allows fast disposal of dust and get a dust-free environment.

6.Consistant high air flow

7. Less dust left on the floor, contributing to time savings and a healthier working environment

8.High Productivity

9. Low maintenance cost

Products Detailed Pictures: